How to Get a Skinny Face

Slimming Down Your Face for a More Chiseled Look

A slim, defined face shape conveys health and youth. But carrying extra facial fat can make you appear heavier overall. Excess puffiness or roundness creates an amorphous look that lacks striking contours. If you struggle with facial bloating or fullness, don’t despair. Several strategies exist to slim and re-define your face’s natural structure.How to get a skinny face? These methods offer both temporary fixes and long-term facial slimming solutions.

Identify Your Face Shape

Before trying to slim your face, assess its natural underlying bone structure. Look in the mirror and study the widths of your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. Are you naturally round, oval, square, heart-shaped or diamond-shaped? How to get a skinny face? Learning your face shape reveals which areas require contouring for strategic slimming.

How to Get a Skinny Face

Try These Instant Slim-Face Tricks

How to get a skinny face? For a quick facial slimming boost anytime, employ these fast tricks to appear slimmer instantly:

Apply Makeup Contour
Use matte contouring makeup to shade and slim specific areas of the face. Sweep a taupe or terra-cotta toned powder in the hollows below your cheekbones. Apply it on either side of your forehead too. These shaded zones help your natural bone structure appear more chiseled.

Add Highlighter
A radiant highlighter applied to your upper cheekbones, temples and down your nose creates flattering light contrasts. This enhances facial dimension and gives the illusion of slimmer sculpted features. Target highlighting on areas you want to stand out.

Blush the Hollows
Apply blush to the actual hollows of your cheeks rather than the apples. This shading effect makes the cheekbones look sunken and defined. It also naturally draws the gaze upwards for a slimming lengthening effect.

Part Hair Differently
Even a simple hair part adjustment can redefine facial contours. Middle parts tend to widen appearances. Try a deep side part swept across your forehead to slim the area. Alternatively, comb strands backward off the face for an elongating look.

Add Height
Create vertical height anywhere you can to make the face look longer and slimmer in proportion. Try a slicked-back high ponytail or topknot bun. Sweeping fringe or a quiff up and off the forehead slims the upper face zone. Even a tall structured hat flatters and elongates.

Find Your Best Angles
Tilt and angle your head strategically to cast flattering shadows across the face when posing for photos or selfies. Profile angles and views from slightly above give the most slimming lengthening appearance.

How to Get a Skinny Face

Get Long-Term Face Slimming Results

Those quick fixes offer temporary facial slimming effects when you need them. But for more permanent jaw, cheek, and chin-whittling action, try these lifestyle changes:

Lose Overall Body Weight
While this seems obvious, even modest amounts of overall body fat loss can make a big impact on facial slimming. As you shed pounds, your face naturally chisels down too. Fat stored in the facial areas diminishes as you approach a lower body weight.

Build Muscle Tone
Beyond fat loss, building up muscle increases overall body definition including facial structure. Lifting weights enhances muscularity and chisels definition along the jawline and cheeks over time. More defined chewing and neck muscles create a streamlined profile.

Stay Hydrated
Facial bloating and puffiness often stem from dehydration. Salty processed foods and excessive alcohol also contribute. By drinking plenty of plain fresh water daily, you’ll flush away fluid retention under the skin. This instantly minimizes swelling and slims the entire face.

Change Your Sleeping Position
“Sleep face” causes uneven facial bloating and wrinkles over time. Sleeping face-down or face-squished against a pillow encourages puffiness and poor drainage. Always sleep on your back or sides to allow facial muscles and tissues to remain relaxed overnight.

How to Get a Skinny Face

Limit Sodium Intake

Salt makes the entire body (including the face and neck) retain excess water weight and bloat. Purge highly processed salty foods for a slimmer look. Opt for fresh whole foods low in sodium instead. How to get a skinny face? You’ll notice rapid facial de-bloating and definition within days.

Be Careful With Alcohol
Like sodium, alcohol’s dehydrating effects and inflammatory action causes facial bloating. If you notice your face looking puffy the morning after drinking, alcohol may be to blame. Cut back to reduce facial swelling and enjoy a slimmer appearance.

Kick the Bad Habits
Smoking cigarettes can bloat the face over time. The repetitive facial muscle motions lead to sagging, loose skin around the jowls too. Also avoid gum chewing and teeth grinding, which bulk up the masseter chewing muscles.


Dull dead skin accumulation makes the face look thick and swollen. Regularly exfoliating with a facial scrub or brush clears the complexion so your natural contours emerge. Unclogging pores also prevents bacteria buildup that triggers puffiness.

Cut Dairy and Wheat
Some people experience noticeable facial bloating and swelling after consuming dairy or wheat products. If your facial lymph nodes frequently look swollen after indulging, you may have a sensitivity causing inflammation. Try an elimination diet to identify and remove reactive foods.

Eat Anti-Inflammatory Foods
Focus on whole anti-inflammatory foods to prevent facial puffiness. Reach for healthy fats like avocado, olive oil and fatty fish. Consume lots of water-rich greens, berries and ginger. These anti-inflammatory botanicals and antioxidants can de-puff the entire system.

De-Stress With Yoga
High stress causes facial tension, which leads to bloating and fluid retention. Yoga helps flush out these toxins through twists, bends and inversions. The deep breathing also clears lymph blockages that make the face look swollen or “thick.”

How to Get a Skinny Face

Cervical Posture Check

Poor posture promotes facial bloating and sagging due to pressures placed on the lymphatic system. Check your “tech neck” body positioning. Keeping the spine elongated prevents facial puffiness and allows drainage for a slimming effect.

Facial Massage
Performing dedicated facial massages or using tools like a jade roller helps manually de-puff areas of swelling or puffiness. The light massage action breaks up fluid accumulation and lifts the facial muscles for a slimming effect.

Lock It In With Contouring Makeup
To enhance all your facial slimming efforts, perfect the look with skilled highlighting and contouring makeup. Accentuating your bone structure with cosmetic shading makes your slimmed-down facial features really pop.

It Takes Work to Keep a Sculpted Look

A truly slim, chiseled face shape requires diligent attention and daily habits. But the payoff shows in your overall healthier, more youthful, smoother appearance. Find a regimen and techniques that make your sculpted facial contours shine through!